About SLA


Singapore Lacrosse Association (SLA) is a not-for-profit, volunteer run lacrosse club in Singapore. Our club was founded over 10 years ago and today we offer Youth, Men’s and Women’s teams. We welcome players from all nationalities and ages range from 9-17 in the Academy to Men and Women’s teams.

We are a fun, inclusive and welcoming community club open to all. Our goals are to ensure all players grow in their skills and knowledge of lacrosse and develop a love of the sport. We focus on teamwork, leadership building, discipline and sportsmanship.

SLA runs two seasons of lacrosse per year:

  • Fall: August to December
  • Spring: January to May 



Lacrosse teaches lessons and helps players grow and achieve all through their lives:

As a youth player, you learn the basics of lacrosse, enjoy the rewards of playing competitively with a team, and challenging yourself physically and mentally.  Participating in Team Sports for Middle School / Junior School players provides wonderful social and emotional growth opportunities.

At the High School / Senior School level, involvement in sports like Lacrosse helps grow responsibility, accountability, and teamwork.  High school players also reap the benefits socially and emotionally from being part of a team.  In countries where lacrosse is popular, like the United States, Great Britain and Japan, players can play in highly competitive leagues and tournaments that expand their horizons and build their skills, and potentially pave the way for success in college.

In College/University many schools field lacrosse teams.  In the United States there are almost 400 men’s & 500+ women’s college lacrosse teams at several levels of competition.  For some talented players, lacrosse can provide scholarship opportunities or increase their chances of being accepted to a school.  Collegiate lacrosse is also a developing ground for professional lacrosse.  At this level too, lacrosse provides structure, discipline, growth opportunities, and social networks.

At the Professional Level, support continues to grow.  In the US, Premier Lacrosse League provides professional playing opportunities for elite men and inspires young players.

Many collegiate or professional players go on to play for local leagues and coach kids leagues, bringing their experience full circle.

The Singapore Lacrosse family is lucky to have many veterans of lacrosse at all levels in our organization – including former professional, D1, D2 and D3 players:

Williams College Ephs
NCAA Division III
Trinity College Bantams
NCAA Division III
Villanova University Wildcats
NCAA Division I
University of Montana Grizzlies
MCLA Division I
Adelphi University Panthers
NCAA Division II
Wingate University Bulldogs
NCAA Division II
Philadelphia Barrage
Major League Lacrosse (USA)
Camberwell Lacrosse
(Melbourne, Australia)

If your player is passionate about lacrosse, ask us about how to work for and earn an opportunity to play at the collegiate level and beyond!  It’s highly competitive, but also highly motivating for the most dedicated and talented players.

To learn more about lacrosse in the US at the Collegiate level more here NCAA Men’s Lacrosse and here: NCAA Women’s Lacrosse