Age 9 is appropriate as most children by this age have the fundamentals for eye hand coordination, the listening skills and the stamina for practicing for 1 hour.

  1. Yes, SLA offers 2 Free Trials. All information can be found under the Newcomers tab and 
  2. Register via TeamSnap in Registration and Fees for a Free Trial. 
  1. Yes, SLA offers Loaner Equipment at practices until your purchased lacrosse equipment has arrived. 
  2. Please Contact Us  if you require to borrow.
  1. Practice’s run 1 hour in length with every 15mins having a water break.
  2. Warm-ups, stretching, lacrosse fundamentals, drills and fun.
  3. Every 3rd practice is a Scrimmage  / Game Day.
  1. A large proper Sports water bottle.
  2. Wear:
    • Cleats 
    • Clothing – wick away material if not the SLA uniform.
  3. Snack  / Protein bar  / Banana for after practice.
  4. Sunblock.

Yes, for all practices, scrimmages, game days and tournaments

Please order all SLA uniforms at the SLA Shop.

Spring: August – December
Fall: January – May
No Summer: June – July