“Singapore Lacrosse has been one of the best things about our time in Singapore. The coaches were devoted and had a true love of the game. The other families were welcoming. The tournament experiences were amazing. We started with zero lacrosse experience and we left knowing that we would always be a lacrosse family.”

Andrea W.

“Singapore Lacrosse has been great both for my children and myself. The older players have provided my 10 year old a supportive experience where he can learn, stretch himself, and feel safe playing with older kids. The community aspects of being party of the lacrosse team has also helped our family get settled into Singapore.”

Tom H.

“My girls thoroughly enjoyed their time with Singapore Lacrosse. They were new to the game and received a very warm welcome. The coaches were great and many new friends were made.”

Dennis M

“We have loved our experience with Singapore Lacrosse! We stumbled upon SLA unexpectedly through a neighbor and despite our limited lax experience, they welcomed us in with open arms.We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the fun players and families as well as learning & improving lacrosse skills.The tournaments in both Hong Kong and Perth have also been great learning experiences and loads of fun on and off the pitch. We are appreciative that we found this great group upon moving to Singapore!”

Jennifer H.

“Some of our best memories from Singapore were on the lacrosse field with the SLA family. Our son had never touched a lacrosse ball when he joined, but that didn’t matter. He was warmly welcomed and coached into a meaningful role on the team. Eventually, he played in the Singapore Spectacular and tournaments in other parts of Asia. The entire program is run based on volunteers, but the coaches are extremely dedicated. They teach skills which are the foundation for all team sports in a supportive, encouraging and creative environment. Most importantly, the kids have so much fun. SLA is more than just a lacrosse team. It is a great community to learn about the sport, have fun and get to know other families. We have made many great friends from SLA. I can honestly say that it is one of the best sports programs in Singapore for kids as well as adults.”

Bao B.

“I wanted to give a special shout out to the Singapore LAX Association. My family moved to Singapore the end of 2015 and were devastated to leave behind our LAX teams in Texas. We have two boys and two girls who play and all four were able to join and participate. After playing three years in Singapore, I am extremely grateful for the program. Not only did they further develop their lacrosse skills, they learned to play as a team with really good families. The adult leaders are also fabulous and really devote a lot of their personal time to be out there with the kids. Our kids were fortunate to participate in tournaments in Hong Kong and Australia and have wonderful memories competing internationally that will stay with them for years to come. The parents are an added bonus. We frequently would get together as families for a bar-b-que or other social gathering. Since returning back to the US, we have been surprised to see how well each of our kids have been able to integrate back into the US club teams and a couple are at the upper end of their teams. We feel very blessed to have been able to be apart of a winning program and emphatically voice our support to any families looking to join. Go SingLAX!”

Bret J.

“Thank you Singapore Lacrosse! The dedication of the coaches, staff, and volunteers, and their passion for teaching our kids the game of lacrosse, fostering team work and sportsmanship, has made it an incredible experience for our kids and family as a whole. The team makes it a very welcoming environment. It’s great to have kids from different schools from around the island. We have really enjoyed our three years at SLA and watching the organization grow. Recommended for any boys or girls with an interest in lacrosse, experienced or new to the sport. Keep up the good work!”

Ollie E.

“Hello Andrea –

Michael and I want to thank you for being so welcoming and helpful to us. Olivia and Charlotte are loving being part of SLA, and it is because you have created such a warm environment.

Thank you!” 

Courtney F

“The Singapore Lacrosse Association is filled with dedicated and wonderful kids and parents.  We arrived in Singapore last year and were hopeful to find a great opportunity for our son to continue playing Lacrosse.  We visited a game and immediately felt the warmth and enthusiasm of the group.  Our older son was welcomed into the team and our younger son, who was a beginner, was encouraged by the other kids and coaches alike.  

The team spirit and camaraderie on game days made it extra fun for the boys to play and as parents we were able to see the progress the team made during the season.  

We would wholeheartedly recommend parents with kids interested in Lacrosse to visit a practice or game day and see for themselves.  Regardless if you are an expert player or beginner I am certain you will feel welcome within this wonderful community.”

Jennifer S.

“My daughter has participated in the Singapore Lacrosse Association for several years. She has greatly appreciated the positive environment of learning and team work that the association fosters. The older female players often helped coach and encourage her which was inspiring and motivating for her. Thank you, SLA, for introducing her to a great team sport in a positive and fun way!”

Mina B.

“I had an amazing experience coaching and playing lacrosse. The Singapore Lacrosse family was warm and welcoming and made me feel at home across the world. The kids were young, eager athletes ready to get better every day and that’s all you need as a coach. I don’t think you could ask for more from your athletes.”

Arion P.